Chambre Shikibu Murasaki 紫式部

starting from 125 €

We speak English

breakfasts included

minimum two nights

Area: 35 m2

High-speed WiFi / Desk
Soft and silent reversible air conditioning
Walk-in shower

Room adapted for people with reduced mobility

Détails de la chambre Murasaki
Détails de la chambre Murasaki

The Shikibu Murasaki room is spacious, welcoming and calm. We furnished it with antique family furniture, in keeping with the spirit of the house. This is a very personal room full of memories of our stay in Japan. You have a direct view of the garden and you are close to the living room and the dining room.

Imagine a journey to distant and rare lands. Discovering the other, their culture, is a mystery. The confrontation with one’s own habits and traditions first reveals the differences, then similarities, and finally complementary and respect come out.

It is a very calm and comfortable room, ideal for reverie.

Détails de la chambre Murasaki

Our stay in Japan and the emotional echoes that are still very present in us, influenced the decoration of this bedroom. But this is not a Japanese room: no tatami mats, no futons. These are diffuse memories through a personal aesthetic and a respect for these places. This room will tell you about Japanese literature. I left some of my favorite books there together with some of my paintings that resonate with me on this trip.

Détails de la chambre Murasaki - Le Dit du Genji

NEW: There is a small kitchen shared among  guests with a microwave, heating plates, wine bar and fridge.

More than a bed and a breakfast, la Fuye is a crossroad between arts, ecology and heritage.

Please have a look to our not for profit organisation les Amis de La Fuye

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